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There are endless definitions of research papers given by many scholars over the years. The simplest definition of a research paper is a form of a modified essay in which student elucidate their interpretation or valuation of a given topic. The student usually addresses a problem in the form of a research question and provides an answer after analysis and interpretation of the data.

Research questions are based on the research conducted by the students. The students can modify the question after they review the literature related to the subject matter. Usually, research papers include only one research question but, there are few that answer to more than one research question.

Once you start the search on Google regarding the research questions, you will stumble upon numerous examples of them including both good and bad. However, it is you who have to think of the right research question based on your research topic. Why does it have to be chosen carefully? Well, read the following essential points to know:

• The right research question will lead you to relevant and valuable sources to collect data for your research paper.
• The right research question will influence the research methodology, data collection, and analysis.
• The right research question will help you work on your research effectively.

Since the research paper begins by determining the research question which is the main cross-questioning element of your assignment, it sets the foundation for your work. Along with this, the research question helps you in understanding how fast you can finish your paper depending upon what kind of question you have chosen.

Now, you must be wondering how to differentiate between good and bad research question examples. Keep on reading to know that and by the end of the blog, you will be well-versed in coming up with a good research question.

Examples of Qualitative Research Questions

Qualitative research questions refer to questions that portray an event or an incident in general words. Usually, a single belief is presented in the qualitative research question, however, there can be more than one belief. Qualitative research questions are generally started with either “how” or “what.”

• Example of a good qualitative research question – What are the experiences of women working night shifts in India?
• Example of a bad research question – Experiences of women who work night shifts in India are good or bad?

Answer to the second research question i.e., the bad one will be as simple as a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. However, the first research question i.e., the good one needs detailed research on how night shifts have impacted women’s lives in India and whether the impact is positive or negative. It helps the students to form a good thesis statement based on which they can prepare the discussion.

Examples of Hypothesis and Research Question

To contrast between a research question and a hypothesis, the research question is a question that the study focuses on answering. Whereas, a hypothesis means a concise and measurable argument presented on the given evidence.

• Example of a good research hypothesis: Students who are inattentive during the class will score fewer grades than those who are attentive all the time.
• Example of a bad research hypothesis: Students will score well if they are attentive during the class.

Examples of Quantitative Research Questions

A quantitative research issue assists in discovering the experimental facts to authenticate the presented research project. Instead of putting forth a general statement or problem, a quantitative research question describes a factually based problem.

• Example of a good quantitative research question: The effect of cold weather on coronavirus problems in the United States.
• Example of a bad quantitative research question: Is coronavirus impacted by cold weather?

Examples of Descriptive Research Questions

Descriptive research questions generally answer the following –

• How an event occurred?
• When an event occurred?
• Where an event occurred?
• Why an event occurred?

Statistical data is used to come up with a description of a particular event that occurred in past and the questions usually begin with –

• How regularly?
• What time?
• How much?
• What percentage, etc.

Following are the examples of good and bad descriptive research questions:

• Example of a good descriptive research question: How often do you work out to lose weight?
• Example of a bad descriptive research question: Working out helps in losing weight.

The first question presents the demographic and variable that is necessary for forming a top-notch descriptive research question. Whereas, the second question lacks specification and certainty.

Examples of Sociological Research Questions

Sociological questions are in the interest of social science and art students. Sociological research questions aim at the problems occurring in society along with a detailed explanation of them. The main areas on which the sociological research paper is based are the community, social relationships, and culture. Everything starting from the marriage rituals and traditions to the impact of the internet globally is included in the sociological research paper. So, your sociological research paper must talk about discoveries that can happen in society or the world.

• Example of a good sociological research question: How social media influences the youth?
• Example of a bad sociological research question: Influence of social media on the youth.

Examples of Sociology Research Questions

Concepts based on the development and functionality of the human-oriented society form the sociology research questions. The questions can also be formed around the connections and interactions between numerous social institutions. Sociology research questions allow students to put forth an argument from a specific angle by precisely summarizing the issue.

• Example of a good sociology research question: What are the reasons for ragging in some of the colleges in India?
• Example of a bad sociology research question: Why do students rag in college?

Therefore, the first question clearly explains the research area in contrast to the second question.

You will find endless examples of various research questions to help you come up with a good one. The above listed are some of the commonly used questions in the research paper. Consider taking notes of them to score higher grades by writing a magnificent research paper.

Best Examples of Research Questions to Consider in 2022
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