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    Payment By Cash , Cheque ,Online ,Card


    • The company will never use your personal information for any other purposes.
    • The personal information provided by you to the organization will never be leaked or outsourced.
    • If you have been registered in an installment plan than it will be your duty to pay your installments in time.
    • Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited during research assistance.
    • In case of online transaction. Students are recommended to email the receipt on an immediate reaction.
    • The higher supervision will be the only one to settle on in case of any dilemma like calamity, illness or collapse in assessment occurs with the Apprentice whether
      recompense can be issued or not.
    • Student will never misuse the resources provided by the organization
    • Board will not be responsible for any letdown in meeting the deadlines.
    • The Apprentice will cooperate with the teaching staff while working in the research work

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