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Thesis Topics in Internet of Things

Internet of Things(IoT) is a way by which different physical devices are connected in a network for the exchange of data. These physical devices have sensors, actuators and WSN thesis connectivity embedded in them. In simple terms, IOT means connecting physical devices to the internet so that they can work smartly. IoT thesis no longer exist to homes and appliances. Its reach is extended to outside environment. These devices have certain chips embedded on them in the form of sensors and actuators to collect and transfer information.


Working of IoT

A complete IoT system consists of the following components:

First of all, senors collect data from the environment like some metrics. After the data is collected, it is sent over the cloud to the internet. After the cloud receives the data, a software perform data processing over it. After processing, the information is revealed to the user through user interface. A user then performs the necessary operation.

Applications of Internet of Things:

Following are some of the applications of Internet of Things:

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