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Network Security

The network security is the issue which rose due to self-configuring and decentralized nature of the network. The ad-hoc networks are of three type’s mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, and vehicular ad-hoc networks. The malicious nodes may join the network due to which various type of active and passive attacks are possible in the network. The passive type of attack is the type of attack in which malicious nodes do not affect the network performance. The active type of attacks is the attacks in which malicious nodes reduce networks performance in terms of various parameters. There are various topics in network security for thesis and research.


The black hole, wormhole, sinkhole, Sybil etc are the various type of active attacks which reduce network. In recent times, various techniques have been proposed which detect malicious nodes from the network. To improve the security of the network, techniques of the data encryption, intrusion detection systems are proposed in recent times. The area of research in the network security is secure channel establishment algorithms which are Diffie-Helman, RSA etc which increase the security of the network.

Network Security in a computer network is a good topic to choose for the M.Tech thesis. You can get thesis help from a good thesis guidance agencies like Techsparks. Network Security is the means by which any unauthorized access to a computer network is prevented by following certain policies and procedures. Network Security tend to provide certain ways by which only authorized user can get access to the data in the network. Users are provided unique ID and password for access to the network. Network Security is employed in large organizations and institutions for securing the network from any third party access.


A firewall is a system that applies certain protocols for managing and regulating traffic on the network. It acts as the barricade between the internet and the verified internal network. A firewall can be a software or a hardware. Firewalls are commonly used to prevent any threat to the data from an outside source. Hardware firewalls are found on routers while software firewalls are installed on the computers. While working on your M.Tech thesis, you will learn more about how the firewall works. There are three types of firewall:

Types of network attack

Following are the types of attack on the network:

Active Attack

In an active attack, a miscreant tries to attack data while it is being sent to some other location. He can make changes to it or can hack confidential information while data is being transferred.

Passive Attack

In a passive attack, the hacker constantly monitors the system to gain valuable information through open ports. The attacker does not attempt to make changes to data.

CIA Triad in Network Security

It is based on the following principles:


Protecting the important data from unauthorized access.


Keeping the uniqueness of the data.


Authorized access to the available data.

Auditing in Network Security

Auditing in network security means checking whether the security policies and procedures are followed by the organization. This helps the organization to find any loophole in the security measures of the organization’s network and hence implement network security.

This was just basics of network security. If you are involved in networking, then this could be a good choice for your M.Tech thesis. There are various thesis topics in network security which you can opt for M.Tech, M.Phil and for Ph.D. degree.

Latest Thesis and research topics in Network Security

There are various hot topics in network security. Following is the list of latest research and thesis topics in network security for masters and other postgraduate students:

  • Access Management
  • Wireless Security
  • Firewall
  • Endpoint Security
  • Honeypot
  • Hole Punching
  • Malware Detection
  • Information Security

Access Management:

It is a method of securing the network by granting access to authorized users the right to access the network. This will prevent any authorized attack on the network thereby securing the network. This process makes use of certain policies which are defined under Information Security Management. This process was added to secure the confidential information that is transferred through the network. This is a very good and simple topic for the thesis in the field of network security. There are various sub-processes under it which you can explore while working on your thesis and research paper.

Wireless Security

Wireless Security makes use of the wireless network to prevent any unauthorized access and attack to the computers. WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access) are the common types of wireless security. WEP is comparatively weaker than WPA as its password can be broken easily using some software tools. There are certain security issues in wireless communication. A malicious individual can attack the network through ad hoc networks, non-traditional networks, network injection, caffe latte attack. There are various security measures that can be applied to SSID hiding, static IP addressing, 802.11 security, encryption etc. There are many topics to explore in this and is a very good choice for the master’s thesis.


Firewall has been discussed above. It regulates the traffic on the network and is a security measure for communication on the network. It is an interesting research paper topic in network security.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is another approach for network security in which remote networks are secured. In this devices follow certain security standards. It manages the user’s access to the corporate network. The main components of this type of security are VPN(Virtual Private Network), operating system and an antivirus software. This security management process operates on the client-server model. Software as a Service is another model used in this case.


Honeypot is another security mechanism for network security. It detects, deflects and counteracts the unauthorized use of information systems. It consists of data which is isolated and monitored but appears as if it is a part of the site. Honeypots are classified into two categories production honeypot and research honeypot. Production honeypots capture only limited information and are easy to use whereas research honeypots collect information about the black hat communities who are trying to attack the network. Based on their design, honeypots can be classified as pure honeypots, low-interaction honeypots, and high-interaction honeypots. Go for this topic for your thesis as it is an innovative topic.

Hole Punching

It is a computer networking technique that uses network address translation(NAT) for establishing the direct connection between the two parties. In this one or both the parties may be behind firewalls. For punching a hole, each of the clients connects to a third-party server which is unrestricted for temporarily storing external and internal address and port information. Each client’s information is passed on to the other through a server and using that direct connection is established. As a result, packets are transferred to each side.

Malware Detection

A malware is a software code which is designed to intentionally cause damage to the computer network. The malware code can be in the form of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or spyware. The aim of malware detection is to find and remove any type of malware code from the network. Antivirus software, firewalls, and other such strategies help in detecting malware in the network. It is one of the good topics in network security for project and thesis.

Information Security

Information security refers to a set of strategies applied to prevent any type of threat to digital and non-digital information. It is also an interesting topic in network security. The strategies applied revolves around the CIA objectives which is expanded as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These objectives ensure that only authorized users can access the information.

These are some of the latest interesting topics in network security for thesis as well as for research. If you face any difficulty in this area you can get thesis guidance and thesis help in network security from networking experts.

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