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How to choose a Thesis Topic

Thesis is an important part of the curriculum of post graduate students. Without the submission of thesis paper, degree is not conferred to a student. The main difficulty that the students face while starting with the thesis work is to come up with a good thesis topic. Many students do not know how to choose a thesis topic. A good and unique idea is always a plus point in a thesis. Writing a thesis is not a big deal if we have complete grip over the topic on which we are going to write. The choice of the topic solely depends upon the area of interest of the candidate. Choosing a topic in which you have no active knowledge will not help you in any way. Moreover, you have should also be answerable to each query asked from the topic by the examiner.

So, stay on the page to know how to choose a topic for the thesis. Here is the list of things to do for starting with a good topic.

Deep Research

To start with a good topic you should do deep research depending upon your area of interest and also be considering the latest trends. You can take the help of your senior, mentor or thesis Chandigarh guidance agencies. You can read articles from the newspapers, journals. You can go online and explore the vast world of the internet. You can read a sample thesis from the internet. You should research for topic depending upon the core area of your academics. If you are a computer science student then you should research for computer science topics rather than diverting to other fields in which you are completely blank.

Explore different ideas

While researching, you should explore different ideas and proposals. You can list down some of the ideas which you find interesting and you will be able to work on it. Obsolete topics should not be the first choice of your work. Explore something on which no research has been done earlier. 


You should also consider the idea of innovation i.e. the topic you have chosen should be innovative on which not much work should have been done. The idea of innovation is a plus point to the thesis. You can take out the previous work and start working on something new on this which nobody has done before on this.

Topic of interest

The topic you are choosing should be the topic of your interest i.e. you should have a thorough knowledge of the topic. The knowledge should be such that you can answer each and every question at the time of questioning or during thesis defense. Also, you should not hire normal content writers to write down your thesis. Normal content writers do not have and knowledge of your field.

Put idea into practice

After you have chosen a good topic for your thesis, put that idea into practice. Start working on it under the guidance of some professional. The thesis should be in a proper format. A good thesis format put a long lasting impression to the eye of the examiner. You should consider what all things to be added in the thesis like thesis statement, thesis proposal, title, references etc. You should list down the aims and objectives of the thesis and questions you are going to solve through your work.

Take advice from an expert

You should not feel shy to take the advice from an experienced professional. These experts have a clear understanding of what to do and what not. They will be able to clarify all your doubts that you have. They will help you all through the way right from choosing a topic for the m tech thesis to its completion. During postgraduate program, you are allotted a mentor to assist you. He will be a working professional, working along with you, and will be guiding you and assisting you throughout your research work. Your advisor will be working thoroughly with you on your thesis paper. The mentor may suggest you some ideas and information that you can use, and will also provide you notes on your thesis report and take you in the right direction. If you face problems in your thesis topic, discuss with your advisor about your interests and also get some information about which topics are the best to work on.

Thus while choosing a thesis topic should be able to answer the following questions:

Can I do it?

How can I do it?

Is the topic unique?

From where I can take the help?

Important points to consider while working on the thesis paper:

    1. Don’t hire a normal content writer to write your thesis.

    2. Don’t copy paste the previous work on the same topic.

    3. Take care of the thesis format.

    4. Don’t indulge in plagiarism as due to this the chances of rejection of the thesis is very high.

    5. While working on a thesis, do complete research and study on each and every topic.

    6. Always work under the guidance of an expert.

    7. Don’t divert from the core field.

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How to choose an M.Tech thesis topic?

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