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It is a bit crucial question for an M.tech student that how to write thesis that is perfect from all the angles. A thesis report should include a good research work that gets recognized in the top tier journals. However, making such thesis report is a cumbersome task. Some students have an idea of how to write M.Tech thesis but due to the lack of understanding and proper guidance, their efforts go in drain. At Techsparks, we will help you learn how to write thesis work not within the technical aspects only but the literary and presentation aspects too.

How to Write an M.Tech Thesis?

A core engineering student might lack in getting the language and formatting correct. So, follow our expert guidelines on how to write M.tech thesis in a hassle-free and professional manner.

Abstract of your thesis: This is like a short summary that will give an idea about what you are going to present and on which subject. It is hardly a paragraph of 6-7 lines with 150-250 range of word limit. You need to underline the main statement of your relevant field of research work in your abstract.

Literature Survey: This portion of a thesis work includes information about solving a problem with the existing methods. It includes an array of past methods used for problem-solving, their pros and cons as well as applications.

Problem Formulation: The third section of the M.tech thesis involves its overview and problem statement. This portion describes the problem domain, its specifications, importance, and applications. Use simple words in describing the problem and add references to the statements wherever possible.

Objectives and Research methodology: This fourth section of the thesis writing in which all the objectives of the thesis along with research methodology are listed.

Experimental Results: In the fifth section of writing your M.tech thesis, you have to explain information about experimental data generation (its properties and collection), queries, analysis of results and their validation.

Conclusion: The second last part of writing a thesis is its conclusion. Conclude your thesis report by mentioning the solutions of thesis statements. Along with that if possible try to state corollaries, consequences, possibilities and future scope of your thesis project.

References: Moving to the end, don’t forget to include the reference part in your thesis report. This is the last portion that consists of details of the sources you took help from while preparing for your thesis. Cite them in your paper clearly!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the answer for how to write M.tech thesis professionally and perfectly. For further guidance or assistance on the thesis writing, you can visit or contact Techsparks.

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How to Write M.Tech Thesis – Expert Guidelines

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