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There are many professional courses in which a student may need an external guide for their course or thesis but if we talk about particularly m.tech thesis then the importance of thesis guide increases by a huge amount because m.tech is a highly technical post graduate course which requires a lot of study and help. The thesis guide assigned by the college usually do not pay that much attention to the students may be because of their busy schedule or may be lack of knowledge or lack of interest. As m.tech thesis guidance in Chandigarh or Patiala is a technical course so students are always in need of a thesis guide to get thesis m.tech thesis work done.

In this case students look to hire an external thesis guide who can help the students to get their m.tech thesis done in a proper and an accurate manner. An m.tech thesis basically consists of following things:

1. Problem definition: it means the student needs to define the problem on which he will be working.

2. Synopsis: Synopsis includes the basic introduction that how the student will be working on his research work. Usually students need a lot of help from thesis guide while writing their synopsis.

3. Implementation: Implementation means to implement the problem in the form of code. Implementation can be done on different tools like thesis in matlab, thesis in ns2, thesis in DIP.

3.1 Problem Implementation: It means to implement the problem.

3.2 Solution Implementation: It means to implement the solution.

3.3 Result Analysis: This is also a very important part which includes analysis of the results.

4. Report writing: The pass or failure of a student completely depends upon how he has written his report. The report must be unique and it should be completely plagiarism free. If the report is copied from any internet source then it can be easily checked by the mentor by using small seo tools which may lead to complete cancellation of student’s m.tech thesis and can be a failure for the thesis guide too.

5. Research Paper: Now when everything has been done so here comes the time to get the patent of your research. Students must find a proper thesis guide to write the research paper because if the research paper is not written properly then it may get rejected by reputed international journals or conferences like IEEE, Scoopers, IJACRN.in, IJARCSC.in etc. Research papers must have proper references and must be written in a proper format which can be accepted by the international journals. A rejection of a research paper can lead to put a hold on a student’s m.tech thesis which can be very harmful for student’s career.

Above are the very important things which students must take care of while searching for a thesis guide. A thesis guide must be from a reputed agency like Techsparks and must have proper experience and proper exposure to leading technologies on which the research work is being done now a days.

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