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3 Must-Have Tools for Flawless Writing

No wonder how much are we proficient in English but at some point of time we have had to allow tech tools to save us from being bogged down due to silly errors. Different types of writings require different types of formats and sometimes it becomes daunting to balance the pressing requirements of deadliness, citation styles, classes and much more in the different styles of writings. Thankfully there are many online tools available for writers today that help to organize writings in a desired way and guide to refine ever-evolving skills of the contemporary wordsmith.

The master is your brain and a strong writer should not be overly dependent on any tool; the following tools act as ladder rungs for those writers who have stepped in the writing world and mounting the tall climb to mastery.

Most of the tools come for free or download at a small price. Nevertheless, some of the tools may already be the part of writings but owing them without complete knowledge would not bring in complete worth. This blog introduces with the top 3 emergent technological tools that empower your writing and efficiently deal with some of the challenges writing has to offer.

From fixing your grammar and spelling issues to fine-tune formatting and templates while making your writings compatible with different writing platforms and also very helpful for M.Tech thesis writings, these 3 technologies constantly work for content writers to refine their writings.

1: Grammarly

Features: The grammar friendly software program is like a wakeup call to all errors that skip from an eye while penning thoughts. Commas, exclamations signs, spacing and most important literal non-contextual interpretation of words mean to the core of grammar, you get another pair of eyes that cover your grammar flaws. It works on Microsoft Office add-on, and on the web, but so far it is not available for Apple/Mac.

Advantages: The advantage of using this online tool is that your content gets scanned for potential 250 types of grammar mistakes over six different genres of writing. Enhancing a writer’s vocabulary is also the part of Grammarly context-optimized word suggestion featuring as a living thesaurus for writers who get mired in commonality. The vocabulary support improves a writer’s expression of concepts and motivates them to think with multidimensionality which supports the novel synthesis of ideas.

Benefits: Being an online teacher, it helps writers to learn from their mistakes as they get complete explanations of their writing flaws with suggestions to improve. Grammarly does not skim over errors but dives deep into it to highlight spelling errors more consistently than Word’s spell check, and finds out many misused similar words such as effect/effect, etc. As a complete supporting system, Grammarly has created an online team of writers who contributes to a Q&A section and continuously peeping deep into grammar to cover every aspect related to the same.

2. Evernote

Features: Evernote is an all-inclusive capture and organizational tool compatible for Mac, PC, tablets, and smartphones helping writers not to miss their next inspirational opportunity.

Advantages: Evernote is a cloud-based platform that syncs across various devices so that you can check your collected data easily anywhere. Its unending list of benefits includes snappily record of thoughts, pictures, videos, and one’s own voice and organizes in the form of notes, stacks, and tags.

Benefits: It helps to streamline and simplify your creative process by giving helpful reminders, and a list-master which does not let any brilliant idea to slip through your cracks. It allows syncing of your notes with other devices and stays you connected with more accessibility anytime and anywhere.

3. Google Docs

Features: Google Docs is an online writing platform where you can create, store and share documents with the help of its robust collaborative features.

Advantages: Prior to the creation of Google Docs, Microsoft Word was the first choice for writing documents. However, Word has many limitations as compared to Google Docs that makes it a way better to write, revise and edit in the best way. Google Docs operates on most of the browsers and the best on Google Chrome and there are mobile apps for Android and Ios such that you end up with clean documents without any versioning issues.  What else? It comes for free.

Being housed on Google’s cloud sharing, it allows sharing of your documents with others as a read-only copy in addition with commenting and editing. Give a live experience of your work to those who want to participate in your writing process by sharing a link and they will be able to see the words as you type. It automatically saves your data in your Google drive and prepared documents can be exported in different formats also in HTML for reliable transitioning and publishing online.

Benefits: One of the featured benefits of choosing Google Docs over Word is the research tool of the program. It is present in the “Tools” section on the menu, this function adds on a search bar into the menu with which writers can search when they are writing without changing formats.
The research function catches varying sources of information from Google Dictionary, Google Quotes, Google Images, and Google Scholar to support a multitude of investigative applications for writers. Word does not support this function, which ultimately gives Google Docs an edge in the competitive race of tech tools for writers.

Being a writer, you are the master of your own writings so it’s your duty to execute everything in the perfect way that sounds meaningful to potential readers. Your journey to mastery is supported by these tools that help to fine tune your work with no pitfalls but it is purely up to you with which you want to go as every writer has his/her own personal requirements.

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3 Must Have Tools For Flawless Writings
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