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It’s hard! It really becomes tough and sometimes annoying when you are just about to start your research but have not selected research topic yet. M.tech thesis requires great knowledge, seamless hard work and lots of patience to end up the degree with cheers. Projects and thesis are an indispensable part of M.tech and students look for every possible solution to execute their thesis in more than perfect way.

Students juggle hard to find out a distinctive yet intuitive topic which carries the potential of in-depth research. How to choose the thesis topic which is catchy to pull the interest of teachers and reliable to conduct research? There are some simple tactics that can help to choose easy yet interesting topic instead of dull or mind-numbing one. It will save your time and streamline your journey of research with successful execution.

Save the Interest

As you are going to start with research, you should have a clear picture of your field of interest and future goals.  It’s better to pick the topic that craves your mind to explore more and you enjoy peeping into it. Try to create rather than finding a topic for M.tech/Phd thesis. Make sure you think according to the perspective of your authorities because they will be the decision makers of your seamless hard work that you have poured into research. Be selective to come up with something different that ultimately becomes the reason of your higher grades.

Start small

With the inception of thesis, your high spirits might tempt you to raise the standard of thesis as high as possible in order to make it completely comprehensive. Don’t let your enthusiasm overpower reality as such theses are easy to imagine and harder to accomplish.


Set your goals that don’t force you to work out of your comfort zone otherwise theses don’t take much time to turn into daunting task. Start with the simple version and then switch to its complex level.


It’s true that there’s nothing like being original.  You need to have ambitious approach and unquenchable thirst for creativity to think out of the box. As theses are bulky in nature, it rules out the fact that research should always be completely original. It works on the edge of what is already discovered; venturing forward with a quest to revolutionize the known facts with more solid examples, experiments plus facts and figures.

If you want to nail it then it doesn’t mean research needs to be original. The reshaping of unoriginal ideas in a skilfull manner and well-established techniques lay the groundwork for the original thesis. Even the most accepted thesis of a particular topic is crafted on the foundation of pre-existing elements from disparate fields in an original way.

Ask the experts

Why don’t you take advice from someone who has already walked on the same road? This can really help, inasmuch as professionals have better experience of the different fields along with technical knowledge of sources and guide whether dissertation is doable or not within the desired time frame.  To your good luck, you can even convince them for their assistance throughout the process of research and thesis writing. Obviously, some professors are bound to philosophical commitments and responsibilities that won’t let them to suggest you thesis topics and some simply want to delimit their involvement with students. They might even try to dodge your questions and that would act as a signal of their reluctance to work with you and you need to look for other alternatives. Not only listen but follow your mentor’s suggestions as it will help you to develop required skills for selecting a good research project which are difficult to acquire.

Obviously, theses are not easy to accomplish as one has to follow the guidelines of authorities along with all the aspects related with topics. Strategic planning is the key to write, manage and execute thesis in a satisfying way that will help you to pass masters with a great academic excellence.

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Guidelines To Select The Right Thesis Topic

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