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Thesis topics in Wireless Communication

Thesis topics in Wireless Communication Wireless Communication is soon going to replace the traditional wired mode of communication. With the advent of wireless technology, communication has become more convenient and effective. Now there is no need to install lengthy wires to set up the network. Why? Wireless technology uses radio waves for communication rather than […]

Wireless Body Area Network(WBAN) – Applications and Challenges

Technologies are emerging day by day in order to improve the quality of life. Wireless Communication is a major factor that has made our life so much convenient than it was before. Healthcare and medical systems are also not untouched by this technological advancement. Wireless Body Area Network or WBAN is such a wireless network […]

Thesis in Big Data and Hadoop

These days the internet is being widely used than it was used a few years back. It has become a core part of our life. Billions of people are using social media and social networking every day all across the globe. Such a huge number of people generate a flood of data which have become […]

Thesis ideas in Internet of Things- Advantages and Applications

Internet of Things(IoT) Internet of Things or more commonly IoT is an emerging concept in the technical world. We want more comfort in our life. Internet has become a core part of our life. This IoT is based on this collaboration of comfort and Internet. Students doing masters can find this topic interesting as well […]

Cognitive Radio – Basics and Overview | Techsparks

What is Cognitive Radio? Cognitive Radio is a type of wireless communication in which a device known as transceiver senses communication channels to find out which channels are vacant and which are occupied. After sensing the channels, it moves to vacant channels by avoiding occupied channels. In simple terms, a transceiver tends to use the […]

Topics in Electronics and Communication for project and thesis

Latest Topics in Electronics and Communication (ECE) for project, research, and thesis Electronics and Communication is an important field with respect to our daily life. There are a number of good topics in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) for thesis, research, and project. New developments and research are going on in this field. It has […]

Hot topic for project and thesis – Machine Learning

Latest thesis topics in Machine Learning for research scholars: Choosing a research and thesis topics in Machine Learning is the first choice of masters and Doctorate scholars now a days. Though, choosing and working on a thesis topic in machine learning is not an easy task as Machine learning uses certain statistical algorithms to make […]

Artificial Intelligence as an M.Tech thesis topic for CSE

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the latest trending field in computer science. This technology aims to create such machines that can act, work and think like human beings. The idea of artificial intelligence is achieved by deep research and study on how the human brain thinks, work and make decisions while solving computational problems. The […]

Thesis topics in Computer Networking

Thesis and Research Topics in Computer Networking Students who find programming complex and challenging mostly go for networking field in computer science engineering. But even after indulging in this field they are often confused about which topic to choose for the project or for an M.Tech thesis. Here is the list of some of the […]

What should be the thesis format and from where you can take help for this purpose?

Thesis Format Thesis or dissertation is an important part of academics of M Tech and Ph.D. research students. A degree is not awarded to any student who has not submitted a thesis. Students often find it difficult to prepare a thesis and are puzzled about thesis format. They are confused about where to start, what […]

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